Can it really be that each one of my trillions of cells is having an unbelievable amount of electrochemical actions each second with each action or exchange having a purpose and meaning? If so why is it so hard for me to find meaning?

Is it that I don’t know what the game is? Is it because the game isn’t looking at its self?

Meditation and Purpose

How hard or easy is it to create a daily habit of meditation with no spiritual expectations or explanations?

Why does my body run on electrochemical actions constantly zapping and exchanging vast amounts of chemical information twenty-four hours a day and burning fuel like all the other mammals do? To support me? Or did it just turn out that way?


I look at a stereo speaker and ask how can the sound of a piano come out of this little box and then I’m told how a strong floating magnet interprets electronic signals and I ask myself “Where are the vibrating strings that are being hit by the piano’s hammers?” And to me it still doesn’t seem to be possible — but it is. Is it that explanation is not the real thing – only true or partially-true or false explanation?