why the questions

Questions are friendly in that they don’t directly solicit opposing statements but ask for consideration and if possible, answers.

The situation of having so many questions over the years and not knowing very many answers has given me a measure of ease with not being able to know for sure about some of the most important things in life. Many of the things I know for sure tend to be somewhat stale only because they are already known . . . for sure.

Not being able to know for sure has become a middle way for me. I have found comfort where it was least expected.

Here are the first questions:

If theism and atheism are beliefs, is the real beyond belief?

Is there a natural mystery which permeates all of existence in the form of pure awareness and creativity which is the birthright of all life?

If so, is this mystery being covered over in humans by a complex dream with the deepest meaning possible in life being found only when this birthright is completely uncovered and experienced fully via the total relaxation of the complex dream?


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