shark attack

Are words tools to be tossed aside from time to time — to adventure, to seek by ceasing to seek, to see the wisdom in relaxing the body and mind and floating in the silence and breathing it in and out and then being it by realizing it’s already the case.

Shark attack
Shark attack
Shark attack

O well.

Is it adios Mr or Ms Identity because I was found guilty of hiding the mystery or will there be no one to judge so might I get to come back for guest appearances and more? Is the deal that there’s no deal? Are there no words?

Is it total surrender on purpose? Is it the who who’s afraid to stop the flow of words? Why are thoughts automatic? Can their automaticity be stopped or controlled?

Is it that the universe that spawned me and gives me life might be enticed into giving up a taste of the deep unspeakable awareness? What if I have to have more than just a taste?

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