silence without any purpose

And now that I’m here in silence, how do I spend my time not thinking?
Should I expect nothing,
yet have a subconscious reflex cocked
with an intent to remain relaxed come what may?

Will this assist a seeker to be ready to take advantage
by rolling with the punch of the great scare
what could be called the great BOO!?

The question
Who wants to be the boss of a tiny living cell?
may not sell well but
what about the possibility of
experiencing the awareness and wisdom of a cell?

The what’s already happening but
I don’t or can’t know it or remember it yet
and of course I’ll not venture there is common.

I might play at it if it’s cool to do so.

Well, might I get trapped and dismissed?
Do I hope so?
If I play, is it that the hoping is my barrier of protection?

Is to enter silence without
any purpose
what I


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