the world and the stars

Is the biggest and best clue so available that it’s invisible and is the clue everything I see in all directions, the all, the mystery in its endless expressions? Is it hiding behind itself or in front? Or is it I who’s hiding it? Is my being hidden behind me, in me, or outside of me or all three?

When I look out into the world
And up at the stars
Am I looking at myself
And don’t know it

Is it that the universe cannot be covered but yet I can cover it by ignoring it?
Can I block it out because it’s what I’m best at?
Is this my calling my talent?
Is this all I know?
It’s my job to use up the time?
Must I change this if I want to court the mystery?
Or can I just find a way to relax my speeding and persistent thoughts
and then while in silence be brave enough to surrender?
How can I surrender my fear? Use it?


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