the way things are

Is my path permeated with the task of becoming comfortable knowing
that no real security is possible?
Must I face and not back away from not being secure?
Is it that I can’t know for sure?
Is that why it’s called faith?

Is almost all of what I do based on finding or giving myself security?
Is it that if there’s one thing for sure, it’s that I’m not secure?

Is promised security the hook of traditional religions?
Is this their lure, their attraction, their fulcrum of power?
Is there an answer to the comfort dilemma?

Is the answer to embrace the lack of security and
the fear of doing so and to accept it and get used to it?
Will this work? Accept it totally?

Is it that things are the way things are no matter what I believe or don’t believe
and are the way they are because of everything
that has happened in the past whether just or unjust?

Is it that the present can’t be changed?
Is the present so tiny that it seems frozen like a photograph?
Is isness like a movie, changing all the time?


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