magical thinking

Is the everlasting torture of non-believers any religion’s achilles heel?
Why did this play for power go unquestioned for so long?
Would the threat of being burned alive keep us in line?
At least in public?

Is this the kind of thing that wakes one up
to wonder if hell and heaven are just words?
Just memes?

Can logic wound magical thinking so that language collapses
for a moment or two leaving a frightening awareness?

Is it that language is not about to collapse for very long on its own?
But what about magical thinking collapsing?

What’s the difference between Santa and heaven and hell.?
(answer below)



Nobody has to die to find out Santa’s not real.


3 thoughts on “magical thinking

    • Thank you Lois for your comments. I can’t take credit for the term “magical thinking”. I heard it first in one of Richard Dawkins’ speeches. He used it again at Fort Bragg, NC, when speaking to Army personel who received permission to celebrate Freedom from Religion. A month or two previously there was a day set aside for Christians to celebrate their faith, so some non-believers pressed for their own day and received it! All the best, Marvin

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