sophisticated bumpkins

Are we sophisticated bumpkins for allowing influence to be purchased legally by giving gifts, favors and money to lawmakers? Have bribes been made legal?

When I was a kid, lawmakers were put in jail for accepting money for supporting and voting a promised way.

What has changed? Did lawmakers produce laws that made it legal for others to buy political influence from them?

They did.

Now what to do? Should we elect a new bunch that will pass laws that will take all money, favors and gifts out of politics and elections? And create laws that don’t allow politicians to make rules or laws which govern only themselves? Should their special exemptions and special rules and their using private information to enhance their wealth be taken away?

How could this happen?

Elect folks that will allow the government to give prize money to those who suggest ways to do the above that make it into actual laws. I’m talking big money. Ten million dollars for each idea used would go to whatever group or individual who is the first to send it in and later becomes part of the law.

Wouldn’t a cost of a billion dollars for the material for a law of this nature be a bargain?

Couldn’t the sponsors (perhaps two or three universities) together gather all current pertinent published material and post it on the web as source material for the new law? Would a year or so give anyone a shot to create solutions? Perhaps the new submissions could be published as they come in and then all of the new submissions based on these early submissions would also be published, and then another new crop of ideas comes in until year’s end. Could enough great and useable ideas arrive to create a new, wonderfully evolving law?

Should politicians build on truth and vision and not be valued for their ability to raise money, get elected and then milk the rigged system that exists?

Idealism, will it live forever? Is it our key?

Is a world government worth trying? Why not? Is what we have now costing all life on earth dearly for the benefit of a few? Could the trillions and trillions saved from making war, weapons and defense provide free education and tools for all of human kind?

the game

Am I a smudge on the lens of the being?
Does it all depend on how I think about it?
Is the answer no because simply thinking,
no matter what the thoughts, wins the battle again and again
and so it’s my battling habit that provides for me?

And if so, it’s so easy and natural.
Is it that I don’t even have to be aware of my battling habit
because it’s automatic? Is it like playing against an opponent
who doesn’t know about the game or about the competition?

So I get to make or change the rules as I go?
How can I stop this unfair fighting?

big questions

Answers to big questions like

What exactly is dark matter and dark energy? and
How many dimensions are there? and
What’s the best path to controlled fusion?

would be wonderful to know, but
aren’t answers to the classical questions
Who am I? and Why am I here? bigger still?

Does answering questions with words only point at best?


exist forever

What might be some questions of a new believer?

“Am I going to exist forever?”
“In a place so wonderful it’s beyond all imaginings?”
“And I’ll be me and have a name and a body and
be able to feel a wonder and love that never grows old
and have fun too and live in mansions?”


When we were growing up, our parents gave us advice from time to time
to help us get along better while living our lives.

Here’s a handy piece of advice that we all got:
If it sounds too good to be true . . . it’s probably not true.
If it sounds too good to be true . . . hold on to your wallet (or purse).

Here’s one I just thought of:
If it sounds too bad to be true . . . it’s probably not true.

(Because of the terrible happenings these days, use only
when referring to eternal torture.)