a player

Can I slip through to an alternate existence, one of more awareness? Can I or anyone slip through at the very far edges of awareness, outside of doctrines and beliefs and even single words?

Are contradiction and paradox the doors I must walk through to freedom on all sides?Must I die to see if I will be born anew?

So do I sit and stare at my life and wonder where the adventure is, while knowing exactly where it is? Does a rope ever visualize it’s going through the eye of a gigantic needle?

Am I a player and don’t know it? Do I even know what the game is?


4 thoughts on “a player

  1. I bought your book on Kindle, and loved it so much I now have it as a real book! Absolutely brilliant, it will be a favourite of mine for a very long time… thanks!!

  2. I’m reading your book. I’m wondering how she’s going to get out of that bar and home safely! I’ll soon find out. Thank you for the inter-workings of your writing. It’s like a patterned quilt. New insights keep popping up.

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