for the duration

Is all for the best as has been said in this best of possible worlds? Is the answer yes in a general sense because humans are adapted perfectly to the earth and there’s still plenty to explore outside and inside? Do I have to begin leaving language alone regularly to start the adventure?

Is it that I can begin anytime to explore the inside part of me that is said to hold a sea of awareness? Is it the adventure of a lifetime and is the option for the duration? Is there a possession that is shared but not recorded? If not now, at death will we all get a quickie, a brief awareness of all existence?

And I wonder what to do. What do I need to go on this adventure? Is it that I need an outfitter that can fit me up with some knowledge and some techniques of getting to nothingness, to silence? And then what?

Is to have knowhow enough? Must one act: hopping over a metaphorical wall in the mind via silence to get off of the language freeway to park and rest for a while?

Is it that getting to silence is hard and sometimes frightening?

So, here I will make my stand and will fear be my strong defense? So, it’s me that I’m dealing with — an understanding that I — the identity — am not easy. I’m used to chugging and I’m wanting action. So do I play with the adventure like a cat plays with a crippled mouse?

Are my waking hours mine and when do I start an assault on my patrol? Do I have to watch out? Can I coast along and nothing like meditation on a regular basis is hardly possible?

And even then don’t I have scare tactics? So off I go still guiding and still in control of how best to play.

Do I have a separate path even when I’m traveling with others? Is it that the trip’s the thing and its highways and byways are inside of me and everywhere else? Does this flesh that I govern have the potential of shutting me up or down? How best do I persist on this adventure to this door, this edge, this cliff inside of me?

Why is it so hard to create a daily habit of meditation with no spiritual expectations? Do I have the courage to do so? As I’ve asked before, if there’s one thing for certain, is it that even good intentions can keep me in power for the duration?

(Huge amounts of information on meditation are available on the net. Herbert Benson’s site is one backed by science:


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