fixed and automatic

Is it that a baby’s attention is controlled by inborn mechanisms. Is it that usually before the age of three or so a baby becomes a child and develops, with the help of family and society, an understanding that it has an identity and a free will?

Is it that an identity is something easily made by the human animal with the prodding of family and society and used as a tool to deal with family and society?

Is the identity so fixed and automatic that it’s extremely hard to get it to rest? Is it so natural and useful that the subject of its right to exist and be in control never comes up? Is this because there’s no memory of things being any other way?

Is the identity the result of a maneuver of the brain that creates a story or history proving the validity of its own existence and its proper place is the captain’s chair? Is there a word that describes an identity who wants to find out more about itself?

Is it that this program, this identity, can’t actually feel, see, taste, hear, and smell because they are functions of the human animal? Is it that the identity helps the human animal in its long journey of sophistication? Does the identity believe that the senses and creativity of the human animal are its own?

Would the full realization of the identity’s software constitution and its temporary existence and its weightless nature cause it to look to its ride with gratefulness?


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