out of poverty

Is the only way out of poverty education? Is getting out of poverty without an education like winning the lottery?

Well not quite? What about working as a helper to a car mechanic and then later fixing cars in a vacant lot and then working for a car dealer and then setting up a repair shop and having to hire two other mechanics to meet demand?

Well that proves the point, doesn’t it? That mechanic didn’t magically become a mechanic by wishing did he? Is education the way out of poverty?

Well I’m thinking one might marry into wealth and leave poverty behind, that’s possible isn’t it? Yes, but isn’t that like winning the lottery? Is it that if you bet on the lottery, you’ll almost certainly lose?

Is education not the brain but the backbone of a country? If so, why do more than 20 countries have educational systems ranked better than our system here in the USA? Is it the raters?

Is being educated by the best of the best educational systems in the world also like winning the lottery? Can even the world’s best educational system be improved?

For Bill Friday, who died October 12, 2012, and was the beloved head of the University of North Carolina educational system from 1956 to 1986, who often said with conviction “The only way out of poverty is education” and of whom was said “He made hard things look easy.” and “When you talked to Bill, you were always the star.” and “His personality and wisdom greased the wheels.”


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