It’s been said the purpose of science is to advance our knowledge. If so, how is this done? Is it necessary that one must live with uncertainty? Is it fun to live with doubt and not knowing for sure about a multitude of things?

Is it that knowledge that is uncovered or created by a new process or understanding will probably be covered back over or be forgotten at some time in the future? Is this a reason for celebration?

Is it easy or natural for one to be excited about being in the scientific world of not knowing for sure? Is this the only way a scientist can work? Is not being able to know for sure an interesting place to be, where there’s a great number of things to explore that are not resolved and many more that probably will never be? Are new and important things to explore being noticed and noted all the time?

Can one get accustomed to doubt? Can one look forward to it? Is it that being on the unsharpened edge of things an exciting and complicated place to be? Is almost everything up for grabs?

Once a person is living with and using doubt and the knowledge that many current beliefs will be overwritten by different beliefs in the future, can he or she leave this way of living and thinking alone?

What is the future of the brick-like state of sureness found in political and religious thinking? How will those two stand up against the erratic but flowing states of science, art, literature, history, and philosophy?


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