like a fence

Is it that this very question is in the real yet imaginary world of language? Is language the tool that helps a being to dream up an identity?

And is it important that perhaps almost all of us identities everywhere agree on one basic point which is that language is not a bad thing? Is language a tool like a fence is a tool?

Should I shout out Long Live Language and wonder what’s all the fuss about or do I mean fence?


3 thoughts on “like a fence

  1. Lol, Good way to put it. “Language is the liquid that we’re all dissolved in great for solving problems… After it creates a problem.”- Modest mouse Line we all use somewhere along “our way” Then I would ask you what ifs about the chaos theory, then I would ask you about Perceiving: perceptions, all these great things everywhere. hmm.. Then i would ask You about Meta-ethics….. Then everything gets tough doesn’t it. Talk in peace Large loud and quiet.
    Good luck on your journey.

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