finding a way to relax

What a wonderful game – to seek pleasure – to escape boredom and suffering. Is the game a time eater? A lifetime eater? A natural trap?

How can I be content just to be? Would it require me to be in the present? How can I notice the present? What would it require? Does it only require waking up? If so, how to wake up? Realizing I am asleep? Then doing what it takes to wake up? Which is? Could it be finding a way to relax the mind enough to end thought for periods of time and then during these periods of silence not expect anything but be ready for the everything?

Doesn’t running away from suffering use almost all of my time? How do I change so that I can begin to use time differently? Must I see deeply that the war against suffering can’t be won? Is war just another way to suffer? Is it that almost every soldier feels that God’s on his or her side? And does this give war its noble tint?

Must I see deeply that society is a group dream just as I’m a dream? And a real dream just as I’m a real dream? An idea which doesn’t take up space? But takes up the true currency, time? Which is ok, naturally.

So, where’s the real non dreaming? Is anything permanent? If pleasure were the default mode, would I work and strive for moments of pain? Or would the two words pain and pleasure simply change their meanings?

If there could be a resting place where could it be encountered?



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