gravity our grandmother

Is the sun our father and our mother the earth? Is every living thing on earth their offspring? Are they good parents?

Do the sun and earth continue to give freely to us humans the ability to care for ourselves and each other? Do we all suckle our mother still and bask in the rays of our father?

Is the universe our grandfather and grandmother? Was grandfather the Big Bang and grandmother its condensation? Is gravity our grandmother?

Could there be a generation before the Big Bang? If so, who or what would be the father and mother of the proposed multiverse? Could the proposed multiverse itself be one iteration in a very long line back to the father and mother of it all?

What if an imaginary couple like the father and mother of it all were real? Would the couple be called the mystery, the inexpressible, and be composed of awareness the father and creativity the mother?

Are awareness and creativity the greatest of all gifts passed on from our parents? Do they “go together like a horse and carriage”?

Is life a ride on the mystery?


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