such great odds

Is to believe firmly that there is no god a firm foundation for an atheist? Is it a type of religious belief?

Is understanding that the chances of there being an all-powerful god with a human personality who will torture nonbelievers for ever and ever and reward the faithful with bliss for ever and ever so very very small that it becomes a temptation to believe firmly that there is no god and is it hard to resist this believing? Does an atheist have a spiritual nature?

What is a good way to set up the possibility of spiritual fulfillment? Could admitting that we will never be able to know for sure if there’s a god or not be a workable attitude with which to seek? But aren’t such great odds still tempting us to believe?

If there is no god, is it that it could never hold this non-believing against us?


7 thoughts on “such great odds

  1. The problem with atheism is that they make the error of claiming 100% that there is no God. How do they know that?

    Question 1: what is God? Question 2: can it be demonstrated 100% one or other way if God exists or no?

    I am agnostic, which means I can be spiritual and play the % game, whereas Atheists have a problem trying to disprove something that is difficult to disprove 100%.

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