naturally questions

What will it take to become smart enough not to automatically argue or judge? Is there a way to quit something that’s practically automatic?

How does one loose an illusion? Is it that illusion is not the end or the beginning but a middle stage? Is time the only thing that doesn’t change? Is what we have in common two things, an identity and a ride?

Why is there so much trouble stopping when things come to an end? Are we stuck on automatic? Is it that on automatic we don’t have to pay attention or notice all that much. Is it that we don’t see the thing but see enough to put it in a category? And once it’s filed away, does it turn into prejudice? Is prejudice like a bad tooth and has to be pulled out without a painkiller?

Which is the best companion, faith or doubt or hope? Does it depend?

Is it that answers lead us on, which is not a bad thing, but are they adequate? Is it that the individual has to become an answer? Is it that we are naturally questions?



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