the healthiest thing

Is the saying “time is money” just one tiny view of time? Is it that time is almost all that money isn’t?

Does time have length like physical space? Did time have a start? Or is it that time having a beginning is an idea? Did time begin and unroll in a long line until the present and then will extend in a long line going into the future until the universe is all cinders? Would time continue so that the cinders don’t disappear? If the long line isn’t time, what is it?

Is time’s length real or do we give it the idea of something with length?

Do we run back and forth along this line using the idea of length not realizing time has a depth? Is depth time’s true nature instead of length? Could time be both length and depth? Or have we invented and added length as a convenience, a tool so useful it would be unthinkable to lay it down? Could it be that time has only infinite depth? Is time the tiniest of vertical moments but not having actual width because nothing could fit into it?

What does time provide? Is time so deep and motionless that it gives everything an opportunity to be and change. Is our universe floating in a curve or fountain of time? Is time the isness, the nowness, the container?

Is time simply opportunity? If so, for what? Everything? Is opportunity the healthiest thing that can be offered?


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