our kingdom

Does it make sense that our birth comes first and sometime later we appear as identities to be useful or not to ourselves and others?

Is it that our identity is added software created by the human animal and its environment and is added as a tool and soon becomes the animal’s most powerful tool? Does language give it its power?

How powerful a position is it to be in control of a human animal? Is it a position so powerful that it will not be given up easily.

Is it that we all know how it feels to be a dictator because each of us is a dictator over our own human animal. And do we abuse our kingdom as dictators and kings are known to do? Is it that our kingdom may be small but it’s still a kingdom?

Why give up control?
Is there more and it’s inside of us?
And outside of us?
And am I in the way?
Of a merging with the universe?
Of a crystal clear awareness?
No church needed?
Nowhere to go?

Since our ride is so immediate, is it easy to ignore? So easy until it becomes ill?


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