What is the best setting for the successful functioning of an enterprise? Does this mean all enterprises such as families, businesses, charities, clubs, governments, etc.?

Could the best setting be having the best type of culture permeating throughout a particular enterprise? If so, what type of culture is best for growing and maintaining a successful enterprise? Is it one that honors continued learning, curiosity, and free expression?


truth and meaning

Is it that a search for truth and meaning should be a free search and a responsible search?

And does a free search mean that the search will be an individual search, a search that is not under the control of another like a teacher or a boss or a pope, etc.

And is it that a responsible search will be one that takes care to do a good job of searching?

The dictionary defines truth as being in agreement with reality. In other words, is truth in agreement with whatever is the case, whether we know what the case is or not? If so, does this mean that truth contains both good and bad? Does truth consist of everything – as it’s changing?

Is truth the ever changing expression of time?

Does truth exist whether we know it or not? Not only normal truths like the fact that 2+2=4, but can we work out answers to bigger and deeper questions about existence like Who are we? and Why are we here? Maybe we can.

Here’s what I found in my search for the truth about the Who are we? question.

For us to function in society, are the basic tools an identity and language skills? But our greatest tool is what? The human animal? Isn’t the human animal the living thing supporting language and me, the identity? So, where did I come from?

What are the odds that a newly-born baby already has an identity and the ability to think already inside of it, and if so, could that identity be thinking I’ll be glad when this baby grows up?

Or is it a lot more reasonable to think that as toddlers our identities were created by our being, the human animal, with the help and prodding of our our parents and society. Does this mean we are something extra which was added along the way, a handy tool created sometime after our birth? It would appear that we are not original equipment.

Is it that we use our animal’s brain to get smart or not and to get along in society or not? And when our creator dies or its brain is no longer functioning, is it reasonable to think that we will vanish from a lack of support?

Did humans use magical thinking to dream up a god who will whisk away just some of the earth’s people to a heavenly setting and punish the rest forever? What are the odds of this happening?

Note: When facing something that cannot be known for sure, (like Is there an afterlife?) I use the question What are the odds…? It’s a good way for me to get an idea of what the truth might be.

Is everything true because it’s happening? And why is it what’s happening is happening?  Or, why are things the way they are? Is everything like it is because of all the things that have happened since the earth was formed.? Did all of those things, including thoughts, create this very moment?

In other words, is this moment what it is because it’s the result of the past and cannot be any other way? Does the present moment have to agree with reality? If so, is the present, lies and all, the truth?

And now to the question Why are we here. This is where meaning meets the road.

Is it that we are not here for any special reason? Or, are we created by the human animal to help it fit into whatever culture it’s born into? Are we the special dream which automatically comes about during the process of our body creating its “I”? If the identity is here for a reason, what could it be? Could it be communing with family, friends, and associates as well as communing with our own human animal? Is this possible?

How do we commune with our being? Do we have to find a way to relax and stop our constant thinking for a while (meditation) and make doing this into a habit? This would give our ride, our steed, our human animal a break from language for a while almost every day. This has nothing to do with religion. Science has verified over and over that meditation is good for us.

Is it that the universe supplies meaning for us? Does just being alive by itself give us at least some meaning?

When we look at life in general, do the other animals and insects and plants and bacteria need or want more meaning than they get by responding to their environment by growing and reproducing?

What do we do if we want more meaning than what just being alive and surviving give us? At this point it would appear we have to supply our own meaning. If so, how can this be done?

Does creating meaning in our lives come about by finding out what our talents are and then finding ways to exercise them and by sincerely working to some extent to lessen our shortcomings?

Can our actions give us that extra amount of meaning that we are looking for, and can a lack of activity bring about a lack of meaning?

truth & meaning

Could it be that we can find out who we are and why we are here?
But…if we find out these things, what then? 

Would finding truth & meaning help out along the way? Is it that truth is everywhere and exists only in the present moment? And does meaning build itself from what we do and not do?

Is it that we are truth through and through? Is it that we don’t find meaning—it finds us? Just like happiness does?

So, what are we and what created us? Are we special dreams and is our creator the steed we ride?