magical thinking

What is meant by magical? Is magical thinking believing something which is not real to be something which is real? Is a religious faith filled with comforting beliefs such as surviving death on earth to live an eternal future filled with eternal pleasures the longest of long shots because the believing is magical?

If so, is magical thinking believing something will happen when the odds are that the something has almost a 100% chance of not happening such as making an elephant actually disappear from existence or believing the guarantee of spending an eternity filled with a bliss that never grows old and participating in unbelievable joys and games in and around the mansions of heaven as permanent guests of the creator of the universe and were selected by the creator before they were born because the creator knew they would be the ones who would love and trust it?

Does the story promising the joys of heaven and avoiding the eternal sufferings of hell substitute for a magician’s smoke and mirrors?



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