fairy tale

Is it that we humans have the power to alter or maintain the direction of the change that is happening right under our noses? Is the only thing we can control concerning change is its direction? If change is maintaining a less than desirable direction, what are the actions that might alter the present course of change?

Is it that once one knows what to do, it gets done? If “yes” were the answer, could we all celebrate? Is it that often we are not willing to act? Or unwilling to quit? Can we alter the direction of change when it comes to war? If so, what needs to be done? Could we start by getting the United Nations to support the human rights of all the women on Earth?

Is it that this is already the case, but there’s no will to enforce or penalize the perpetrators for what the world knows should be categorized as torture and slavery? 

What would happen if there were enough people willing to enforce the world-wide rights of women (and all people while we are at it). Would there have to be a world government for this to happen? Could the people of the world do for women what they did for the people of South Africa: Isolate the perpetrators? Shame and/or make life hard for them even if they claim what they are doing is a religious practice?

Should there be a separation between religious rules and the political and social rules that govern all the citizens of the world such as the separation between church and state but with the churches subject to the rules and laws of the state when it comes to the rights of individuals?

What about a worldwide rule or law that religious teachings and religious conduct cannot be forced upon individuals? Does this sound like a fairy tale? A fairy tale that could actually happen in the future?

Why do we put up with the present torturing and slavery of women?

Is it that there are so many people who are banking on an afterlife of joy and pleasure forever that these same religious folks think all that’s needed is for these suffering women to believe and trust in _________ then they too will have an eternity to recover and live in peace and happiness while their slave holders will be punished forever in a fiery hell?

Is magical thinking to blame?



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