good-fitting shoes

What are the important things in life? One’s innate ability and one’s background? Is how we choose right up there with those two?

Is choosing shaped on how much we value the long term as opposed to the short term? Is it that one of these terms is about an imaginary place and much of the time doesn’t occupy our thinking and the other is a real place, our own huge stage: the area we move around in while supported by an ever-changing physical now?

And is it how we view and think about these two places a starting point to see what can be seen? So logically, which of the two places should be supported to bring the two to be at least equal in influence? What would be the best balance between the two? Something like the symbol of yin and yang?

Or would it be best if long-term thinking could always be the one to decide with authority to pause for a while and be distracted when appropriate and needed? Would this long-term thinking become a dictatorship? Perhaps a benevolent dictatorship?

How might this come about? By sorting out long-term goals and desires and then understanding which roads will have to be taken and the deeds which will have to be done?

Then take to the road and do the deeds to the point that they fit like well-broken-in shoes and take time off when it’s proper and best while living at a pace that can be maintained even if the pace is erratic at times by spending less than what is earned.

Is it a given that a party is a whole lot better when wearing good-fitting shoes?



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