hail hail the answer’s here

Should I be spending a lot of time on something that I don’t want or need?

Is it wise for me to spend time waiting for the thing or things I want or need most to come looking for me?

Can I wait for better health to happen to me? Or will I have to do something about it? Should I wait patiently to win the lottery?

Is it that waiting might pay off or it might not? Can waiting be a long shot and/or a best shot? How does waiting affect the most valuable commodity: time?

Is knowing how and when to wait a key skill?

We know it as good timing, and it’s well known that waiting can actually be doing something about something. And best of all, there’s an opening to do something else while waiting.

Should I have a list of things ready to go? What can best take the pain out of waiting? Will we in great numbers vote for the smart phone? Hail hail the answer’s here.

Is it that I have to keep myself occupied?
Is knowing how and when to rest also a key skill?



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