free folks

Why should the beliefs and behaviors of any religion be forced upon the general public? And…

Why would any religious group want to force or have to force its beliefs on others? Does this type of behavior show to the world these folks probably feel a lack of attractiveness and perhaps are power-hungry and may feel threatened by a secular society?

As for the rest of us, how would their domination over nonbelievers solve things for these folks? Would any law based only on religious teachings or beliefs violate our right to freedom from religion and our pursuit of happiness?

Why do religious wars fill so much of human history? Are religious conflicts usually about domination rather than about freedom? If so, why do we free folks put up with religious zealots and their politicians who would love to guide our thinking and be able to tell us what to do?

Should we bring attention to the stupidity of what they are trying to do and to how it makes them appear? Are they seen as haters rather than lovers?

Don’t they know that forcing nonbelievers to live by their arbitrary religious beliefs is wrong and causes free folks to despise them and their god and their dictatorial ways?

What are they afraid of? Do they feel their god has called them to deal with what they call the evildoers? Is it that they want to help god do its dirty work?

Is their job by their own definition to bring their “good news” to everyone and not to be bringing pain and suffering to those they should be loving?


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