what is the soul

a definition:
soul =  the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being
that is regarded by many as immortal

The dictionary says a soul could also be

A person’s emotional nature
A person’s moral nature
A person’s sense of identity
The essence of something

I vote for the last definition because to me my soul is my human animal. It’s my essence. It’s the fountain which supports my floating-bubble-like existence at its top. Without it I would be no more. I would wink out of existence because that dead human animal was my creator and total support.

Of course, if a religion teaches all of its God’s magical powers are real and if this turns out to be true, then a magical God would have to begin supporting my existence so it could torture me forever or reward me forever. What are the odds of that happening?

spiritual = having to do with religion or religious beliefs (dictionary definition)

spiritual = having to do with feelings like gratitude, graciousness, and love and there are other attitudes that can yield spiritual feelings like giving or receiving justice and giving or receiving freedom. I vote for this definition.

immaterial = something beyond physical

Am I a special dream of my wonderful craft? A dream which allows my human animal (what I feel is my soul) to sail along easily in whatever society into which it is born?

a complete unit

Is the human ego, my identity, nature’s creation?

Is the ego the first example of artificial intelligence on this planet? Is an identity the first type of a complete unit that doesn’t take up any space?

Is it a matter of degree if not a matter of size? Should my persisting identity hope so in its world so young and fresh?


growing older

I ran across this wisdom on the web and
could not find out who said or wrote it.

“Don’t regret growing older.
It’s a privilege denied to many.”

Might I add
The quote fits everyone but the young
Such a lovely truth beckons the thought of death
Do the ongoing reminders of existing no more
Have ways of creating meaningful and
Satisfying lives


not knowing for sure

Is it that no one can prove or disprove there’s a punitive and loving God who knows all and keeps records of every thought, word, and act of every human?

Is the possibility of such a god rewarding those who believe in it with eternal joy in a heaven and punishing all of those who did not believe in it with eternal torture and will even torture forever those who never had the opportunity to know about its story of repentance and redemption a dramatic and compelling story? It really is. An eternity of pleasure or pain, what will it be earthling?

What is more likely to be real, an all-powerful and all-knowing God who is loving and punitive toward its creations, or is this just another story built of the words of a made-up god which was created by humans in order to band people together and to give power to the folks who created the god-story and to make these creators the natural leaders of this band of believers?

So, what should a person think?

Since both extremes (“There is a God” and “There is no God”) are beliefs and cannot be checked out to find what is the case, is it that both of these beliefs must have some amount of faith to maintain the beliefs?

If so, does this make atheism a type of religious belief, but one without the religious trappings?

Is this where agnosticism (the idea that nothing is known or can be known about any supernatural entity’s existence or nonexistence) is a more logical stance for those not able to know for sure about a god’s existence or non-existence?

Is living a life of not knowing for sure when it comes to something which cannot be known for sure a logical and desirable place for observation?

Is the best thing about agnostic thought not having to convince others they are wrong or right concerning God’s existence or defend anything concerning religion?


5 healthy habits

Category: health producers

Need to keep blood pressure and blood sugar and
cholesterol at healthy levels and more good stuff?
You already know all about this. Here’s a reminder.

Of course there are more healthy habits but develop
these 5 healthy habits first if you can.

1) Regular exercise helps to
2) maintain a normal weight by
3) ingesting health producing food and drink and by
4) not smoking and by
5) making meditation (an easy way to rest the mind
and body deeply while awake) a daily habit.

The habits of regular exercise, having a healthy diet and weight,
not smoking, 
and daily meditation are major health producers.


money out of politics:kick poverty’s ass

money out of politics
kick poverty’s ass

kick poverty’s ass
money out of politics

money out of politics
kick poverty’s ass

kick poverty’s ass
money out of politics

money out of politics
kick poverty’s ass

kick poverty’s ass
money out of politics

money out of politics
kick poverty’s ass

kick poverty’s ass
money out of politics

money out of politics
kick poverty’s ass

Are these two statements
closely related? What would
happen if we took money out of
the electoral process and
while elected and later
when out of office?

Could this somehow
begin the process of
kicking poverty’s ass?

Would this also help level
the playing field for businesses?