The religious fundamentalists can’t tolerate homosexuals because they believe gay people are committing terrible sins which should not be allowed in a decent society. Do they want homosexuals to follow religious rules they haven’t taken up as their own? Why are they are asking the rest of society to be prejudice toward homosexuals?

Are the fundamentalists pressing on in their attempt to save our country from what they believe is a scourge, and all the while, not being able to see themselves as being a scourge on our country for persecuting the innocent?

Why are Christians trying to punish gays? Their God specifically encourages them not to judge and to leave the judging to God. What are they thinking?

Maybe they’ve gone so far with what they believed were good intentions, they think they will lose face if they admitted these dear folks should have the same rights they have. Would just the opposite would happen? Wouldn’t we all begin to think “Maybe the Christians aren’t ignoramuses”?

Both science and psychology have found homosexuality to be not something you choose later in life as a way to live. Science and psychology agree homosexuality is present from birth. So why burry your head in the sand?

Living as a straight person while being gay is a choice many homosexuals make because of religious folks trying to force others to think homosexuality is not natural for homosexuals.

It seems to me allowing gays to marry might spruce up marriage a bit and give it a better reputation.

Is it that homosexuals don’t think of themselves as sinning? They may reason something like this: “Since I was born a homosexual, I didn’t choose it. And if there is a god, the god made me the way I am.

Why do many Christians live in such an intellectual desert? Have they placed their trust in the wrong venue, their leaders?



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