a complete unit

Is the human ego, my identity, nature’s creation?

Is the ego the first example of artificial intelligence on this planet? Is an identity the first type of a complete unit that doesn’t take up any space?

Is it a matter of degree if not a matter of size? Should my persisting identity hope so in its world so young and fresh?


4 thoughts on “a complete unit

  1. I think the the answers could well be:
    No, not a creation… rather an accident or emergent property
    No, artificial is meant to be that which mimics the natural world
    No, it takes up space as it does not exist without a brain, but I think I see what you mean

    Our minds are merely the experience of our brains doing what they do to keep our bodies alive; trillions of cells cooperating to survive and reproduce.

    • Thank you myatheist for your answers are great.

      “Nature ” in the first question refers to the human animal.
      Identity is part and parsel human culture. And we don’t have an identity at birth. It’s learned by the coaching of society and family. To me that is creation, and I liked what you said about “emergent property”. Think about the jumble of a world we would have without identity (the identity: the thing that takes credit for all its body does and is able to do).

      I was trying to make a joke using the phrase “artificial intelligence” and you are right about my use of the word “artificial”. Thinking about it now I would use the term “self-awareness”.

      Space: Think about hard disk that comes with a supper computer with a “lot” of talent (the brain, senses, and a body with strength and systems perfectly adapted to its world) that can be programmed (by its environment) and there’s a lot more room for more stuff like the super-useful identity which everyone wants it to have.

      And there’s still more space for hobbies, etc. The ego was added, but it was imaginary because it didn’t change the brain’s size at all to add it. That was the point I was trying to make and thank you for pointing it out.

      Your last comment says it all.

      • I’m slowly working on some posts that should make this kind of thinking ‘common sense’ if I do it right. It started with the free will posts, and will carry on from there. I don’t like (not fully) any explanation yet offered for consciousness and intend on explaining my thinking on that. You might like it.

  2. Yes, of course I will be interested in these posts you mention. About consciousness, I get along well with the dictionary’s basic definition and it goes something like this: (Anything that is aware of and can respond to its environment is conscious). It’s how we survive. Thank you for your comments. I look forward to reading your posts.

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