interesting and useful

Do I want a better me? How could it happen? Could it be that finding out who I am and what gave birth to me and why I exist help the process?

Even if I find out these things, what then?

Will the human animal still have to learn how to deal with me, the chief, the one who decides? If so, how can it be done? Must I lead myself to a state of no language and be patient? Does the being need coaxing for it to reveal its full awareness?

Would understanding the truth about truth and the meaning of meaning help? It might. Here goes.

Is truth everywhere and exists only in the present moment? If so, this means that truth is the exact way everything is in our ever changing nowness. The dictionary defines truth as being in harmony with reality.

Meaning builds itself from actions: from what I do and don’t do and what I think or don’t think.

Is it that I don’t find meaning—it finds me when I’m doing something useful and interesting for a while just like happiness finds me when I persist in doing interesting and useful things?

So, is it that I’m a complex dream of the gifted steed I ride? Did my brain give birth to me and I’m here to help steer my being’s way through truth (our world and its challenges) and to make choices which help to create meaning?

So, the primary adventures are finding useful and interesting things to do and then getting good at doing them and finding out we are all useful and interesting dreams of the beings we ride?


fear is good

Fear is good when it makes us prepare.

Is it that we can notice our fears and write them down and then choose only to deal with the fears which would goad us into some type of preparing and then study them and choose a logical one to get started on and follow through?

Action is the key as Tony Robins says, “The ability to act is real power.”


sphere of influence

What’s left when you get all the money you will ever need or when you are so poor you feel there’s nothing to live for? What may be missing is a purpose.

So get one?

A purpose is what gets us up and going. For some it’s simply survival. For many, rich and poor, it’s seeking answers to the deeper questions of human existence like Who am I? Why am I here? Will I exist after my death? Can individuals answer these questions for themselves without joining some religion?

What about the purposes of those in the middle between the rich and the poor? Is it because they have so many irons in the fire they have to pay attention to, they claim there’s not enough time to do anything else?

Is it that life is not responsible for fairness but can still be interesting and challenging? Is the universe set up to not care about fairness? If not, who is? Each individual in their sphere of influence?

Are we set up to care about fairness? Is the answer “yes” because it’s the unfairness in the world that makes most of the news and history? Do we pay our taxes and think the government will take care to be fair? Dream on?


end war as we know it

Is it going to take a one-world government to end war as we know it and to keep religious fundamentalists from murdering those who make light of their miraculous fairy-tail gods and to correct other unjust things like the abuse of women, starvation, the lack of medical care, the lack of education, etcetera?

Can it be during our lifetimes
This time in history
That humanity straightens itself out
Or do we wait, as usual
Until there’s no alternative

a leaf just as well

Is it that when I feel or understand that there is a greater intelligence inside and outside of me which dwarfs me, do I know automatically or even admit my knowledge is nothing compared to it?

Would I only have to understand the totality of the intelligence and abilities and hardware contained in only one of my cells for this to become real to me?

If this power and awareness makes a leaf just as well as me, isn’t this wisdom staggering when compared to my acquired knowledge as a beautiful creation?


our territory

Is our territory an area composed of habitual word use?

If so, does this make us weightless riders and handy products of the mystery? Are we extra and a required tool for dealing with society in general? In the end is it for us to make the best of our animal’s situation?

Is identity a natural force in the development of the human animal? Is the identity a tool like capitalism is a tool? Is capitalism also an idea like the identity?

Socialized countries (like Canada and the Scandinavian countries) use capitalism as a tool for prosperity and at the same time limit it in various ways (the salaries of management, heavy fines for polluting, and forced clean up, etc.)

Once socialism has done its job, will almost all humans be educated, healthy as possible, free to travel and live anywhere on earth while progress moves forward by using reason, awareness, creativity, the unlimited natural energy from our star, the purity of our earth’s water, and the living creatures in our soil?

Is automatically trying to make the best of a situation the natural way of all life and to do otherwise is a decision that only humans can make? Is this why there is so much unnecessary suffering in the world?

How many species of self-aware animals do you suppose are here in our galaxy besides us?