our territory

Is our territory an area composed of habitual word use?

If so, does this make us weightless riders and handy products of the mystery? Are we extra and a required tool for dealing with society in general? In the end is it for us to make the best of our animal’s situation?

Is identity a natural force in the development of the human animal? Is the identity a tool like capitalism is a tool? Is capitalism also an idea like the identity?

Socialized countries (like Canada and the Scandinavian countries) use capitalism as a tool for prosperity and at the same time limit it in various ways (the salaries of management, heavy fines for polluting, and forced clean up, etc.)

Once socialism has done its job, will almost all humans be educated, healthy as possible, free to travel and live anywhere on earth while progress moves forward by using reason, awareness, creativity, the unlimited natural energy from our star, the purity of our earth’s water, and the living creatures in our soil?

Is automatically trying to make the best of a situation the natural way of all life and to do otherwise is a decision that only humans can make? Is this why there is so much unnecessary suffering in the world?

How many species of self-aware animals do you suppose are here in our galaxy besides us?


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