sphere of influence

What’s left when you get all the money you will ever need or when you are so poor you feel there’s nothing to live for? What may be missing is a purpose.

So get one?

A purpose is what gets us up and going. For some it’s simply survival. For many, rich and poor, it’s seeking answers to the deeper questions of human existence like Who am I? Why am I here? Will I exist after my death? Can individuals answer these questions for themselves without joining some religion?

What about the purposes of those in the middle between the rich and the poor? Is it because they have so many irons in the fire they have to pay attention to, they claim there’s not enough time to do anything else?

Is it that life is not responsible for fairness but can still be interesting and challenging? Is the universe set up to not care about fairness? If not, who is? Each individual in their sphere of influence?

Are we set up to care about fairness? Is the answer “yes” because it’s the unfairness in the world that makes most of the news and history? Do we pay our taxes and think the government will take care to be fair? Dream on?



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