the home run

One day while out walking, I was catching up to and closing in on a couple of walkers ahead of me, and as I came closer I heard one saying to the other “first base is a french kiss good and long and second base, well there are two of them if you get my meaning, and third base is taking the time to make sure she’s ready to receive you, then the home run!” About this time I picked up speed and as I passed I glanced and saw their smiles and signaled to them with my up-raised thumb.



Be who you are and say what you feel…
Because those that matter… don’t mind…
And those that mind… don’t matter.

[I can’t remember where and when I picked up the above quote, and I regret that I can’t give credit where credit is due.]

Does imagining a vivid mental picture with sound effects and smells lead to an action that carries with it emotional energy?

Does seeing it with the mind’s eye and smelling it and touching it in an emotional way build a foundation for the next advance?

Does seeing a situation or an idea and hearing its noises and tasting its sweetness or bitterness as real give the future a starting place? And once moving does it need to be pushed along?

Does it always depend?


a tool to get along

Am I an entity but not a physical thing?

Was I somehow created somewhere outside of the human animal by a “creator” who then magically placed me into a fertilized human egg or a newly born baby? Or…

Was I an entity floating through space, and while passing by the earth, I magically felt the almost unlimited potential of a new human baby? So I plunged toward earth and united with this new powerful life form where I immediately took up residence. Or…

Did my human animal build me over time from its interaction with family, friends and society until one day I realized that I should be responding to certain sounds and later realized that those sounds equaled me, my name, my identity?

Am I an identity that was wired (or programmed) into my brain little by little over time and was built by stored experiences using the brain’s network of nerves and was continually fed information from the five senses; then one day when very young, did I start to notice things in my memory and began to refer back to them again and again and then began to use them and the rest is my history?

Can I usually perform like a first rate companion for the human animal when I have been educated properly?

The creation of identity by the human animal was a great advancement, and made it easier for humans to survive and was used used mainly as a tool to get along in one’s culture. Identity is the basis of society.

I see clearly that my human animal keeps serving up the senses, creativity, and memory, but have I faced squarely the sureness of my animal’s death? Will its death also be my end? What can support me once my creator, my one-and-only sustainer is no more?

Will my dead body’s inability to create awareness cause me to crumble into nothingness? Is anything else magical thinking?


only one

I am only one, but still I am one
I cannot do everything,
but still I can do something;
and  because I cannot do everything,
I will not refuse to do something
that I can do.
– Edward Evert Hale

Edward Evert Hale: an American author, historian and Unitarian clergyman.
Hale was born in 1822.
He entered Harvard at 13 years old.
Hale was licensed to preach as a Unitarian minister in 1842.

He later pastored a Congregational church in New York City from 1859-1899, and died in 1909.

His short stories made him famous. By the turn of the century, Hale was recognized as among the nation’s most important men of letters.


getting in touch

In the area of what’s possible, what are the most serious questions?

Depending on the circumstances, would it be air, water, food, clothing, shelter, work, procreation, and then one day religion? And with religion can come the questions Am I an ancient one come again to inhabit a living body once more? Or Am I a fresh, newly-made identity or ego who is riding a wonderful living creature with it breathing in and breathing out?

Then what? Comes one day the question Why am I here? Did my parents have sex and later I was born alive and then stayed alive? Is there more to it than that?

Is the Who am I? question important here because if we are not ancient beings (which would be magical thinking), then are we all newly-hatched identities and would the human animal be our creator?

So, according to the enlightened sages of history, getting in touch with our source, our native nature, our own animal is the greatest of all adventures. The peace and love that flow from a close relationship between the source and the created is called fulfillment and many other terms.

Is it that getting firmly afoot on this adventure is not easy because we sit in the captain’s chair and will not even think about giving it up, and does this and many more excuses keep us corralled in the enclosure called language?

The sages say that language is a blessing because it allows us to express complex feelings and ideas and it’s a problem too because we trap ourselves in our habitual train of thoughts and come to believe that we are separate, unable to feel our connection to others and to the universe.

Why do we feel separate? Is it that having an identity makes us feel we are separate and this seems right because we cannot remember a time when it was any other way?

The sages say that the recognition that we may not be separate but tightly joined to everything can start a game or adventure to see if the identity can be coaxed into relaxing enough to reveal the pure awareness of our being (the human animal) and its connectedness to everything.

Establishing the habits of meditation, recreation, satisfying work, and eating healthy food will get us off to a great start, but the practice of meditation is all that’s needed in the beginning because with the practice of meditation eventually come healthier habits.


like a parachute

Is it that we don’t know what we’ve been missing until it shows up?
And then we can’t wait to judge it?

Could this new thing or idea be like a parachute, and if you pull the right cord or turn the right handle, it becomes huge and affects everything around it? Or not, because the cord or handle hasn’t been found or it has none. Or the idea or thing could easily be judged worthless.

The question is Will we ever put in the effort to find out? We ask, What odds are enough or beliefs strong enough to make us commit?

Some get what we want
Some want what we get
Some have what we like
Some like what we have
Some love to live
Some live to love

What are we up to?
Living and loving and dying and disappearing?


almost invisible

Is my soul my relationship to the universe?

As I begin to feel and understand the universe’s hugeness, I shrink to a very small, almost-invisible part and yet a part. Are my eyes its eyes like the eyes of fish and eagles?

As the universe’s creation, I am a part of the all-ness through and through and able to feel and know the universe better by totally relaxing the mind allowing the brain to idle for a while on a daily basis.

Is anything left to do? Act on the knowledge?

Feeling the almost invisible
smallness of my creature and
my total lack of taking up any space at all
and being a truly invisible part of the all and
noticing these conditions out of habit more often…

Does this mean one can learn to be more aware?
Awareness, the key ingredient which is prime in all of our senses.

Whats’s my job? To supply the intention and use the abilities of the human animal? What an awesome opportunity.


the heart of our message

Hello to you, the people of El-Ru.
Greetings from the planet Earth.
Thank you for your signals!
We hope all is going well with you.

We call our planet Earth.The word
“earth” means “soil.” Soil is the
natural material of our planet’s
surface where we go about our lives.
Liquid water covers etc. etc.

Our soil is kept moist from rain.
The soil is composed of the tiniest
of rocks and mineral particles and
decaying matter and is filled with
etc. etc.

This processing enriches the soil.
Healthy plants grow from this enriched
soil as they process our star’s energy
etc. etc.

We have included pictures etc. etc.

Now, for the heart of our message.
We are anxious to know, and if you will,
please tell us what you have found out,
if anything, about the existence or
nonexistence of an afterlife.

Using your location guide, we
estimate we are separated from you by
about 75 lightyears, so we would normally
have to wait at least 150 years to know
your response.

However, we just received notice that we
are going to be able to insert a digital
energy model representing one-half
of the anz quark into this communication.

We are keeping the other half of the
digitalized anz quark model so that we will
be able to communicate instantaneously
soon after you receive it, that is if you are
able to use it and decide to give it a try.
Instructions for its use are included.

Finally…we now know
we are not alone in this vast galaxy!
Thank you again for your signals.
The people of Earth say to our neighbors,
the El-Ru,

Good bye for now.
We will send you more of our history soon.

After all of this excitement, it was
revealed a person on our planet
bounced the El-Ru messages
off of one of our satellites which
is studying our sun. 

Has our world gone hoax happy?

The hoax began like this:

“Hello our there. We are receiving many of your signals. We have studied them and have learned your major language in order to make contact with you. We would like to know more about your history and please include how you came to be.”