the heart of our message

Hello to you, the people of El-Ru.
Greetings from the planet Earth.
Thank you for your signals!
We hope all is going well with you.

We call our planet Earth.The word
“earth” means “soil.” Soil is the
natural material of our planet’s
surface where we go about our lives.
Liquid water covers etc. etc.

Our soil is kept moist from rain.
The soil is composed of the tiniest
of rocks and mineral particles and
decaying matter and is filled with
etc. etc.

This processing enriches the soil.
Healthy plants grow from this enriched
soil as they process our star’s energy
etc. etc.

We have included pictures etc. etc.

Now, for the heart of our message.
We are anxious to know, and if you will,
please tell us what you have found out,
if anything, about the existence or
nonexistence of an afterlife.

Using your location guide, we
estimate we are separated from you by
about 75 lightyears, so we would normally
have to wait at least 150 years to know
your response.

However, we just received notice that we
are going to be able to insert a digital
energy model representing one-half
of the anz quark into this communication.

We are keeping the other half of the
digitalized anz quark model so that we will
be able to communicate instantaneously
soon after you receive it, that is if you are
able to use it and decide to give it a try.
Instructions for its use are included.

Finally…we now know
we are not alone in this vast galaxy!
Thank you again for your signals.
The people of Earth say to our neighbors,
the El-Ru,

Good bye for now.
We will send you more of our history soon.

After all of this excitement, it was
revealed a person on our planet
bounced the El-Ru messages
off of one of our satellites which
is studying our sun. 

Has our world gone hoax happy?

The hoax began like this:

“Hello our there. We are receiving many of your signals. We have studied them and have learned your major language in order to make contact with you. We would like to know more about your history and please include how you came to be.”



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