almost invisible

Is my soul my relationship to the universe?

As I begin to feel and understand the universe’s hugeness, I shrink to a very small, almost-invisible part and yet a part. Are my eyes its eyes like the eyes of fish and eagles?

As the universe’s creation, I am a part of the all-ness through and through and able to feel and know the universe better by totally relaxing the mind allowing the brain to idle for a while on a daily basis.

Is anything left to do? Act on the knowledge?

Feeling the almost invisible
smallness of my creature and
my total lack of taking up any space at all
and being a truly invisible part of the all and
noticing these conditions out of habit more often…

Does this mean one can learn to be more aware?
Awareness, the key ingredient which is prime in all of our senses.

Whats’s my job? To supply the intention and use the abilities of the human animal? What an awesome opportunity.



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