The trees the Trees

The trees the Trees at RU
And gazing at one I’m reminded
I’m looking at the universe

Each one inspected trimmed and loved
For their stance skin blooms
& breathing organs

Do we love trees and
They love us back
Both pruned and wild


4 thoughts on “The trees the Trees

    • I can’t either Michele. One of my first memories was falling out of a tree.

      Each tree at RU had its own 6-foot radius of mulch and a shallow trench around it. It was as if the tree knew it was special and in return grew more beautiful because of the special treatment it was receiving.

  1. I bet the tree did know. I have an open tree house in my cherry tree, and I think I go up there to be with the tree and all of nature more than the grandkids. In fact, it’s usually my idea for us to go up there.

    • Yes, a tree knows in some sense what’s going on around it. The dictionary defines “conscious” as being able to respond to the environment. So, a tree’s conscious.

      That’s a bird’s eye view you have from the cherry tree house. Nature is the thing. It’s everything.

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