Is it that nature is our nature and we belong to it and cannot escape it?

Are we separate or a part of nature? Our bodies are without doubt a part of nature but what about us, the identities? The complex units of brain power used to choose and respond to the world.

Can we use our bodies, our personal part of the universe, as a tool to connect with truth, everything that is and its ever-changing nature?

Is the physical world the shape of the spiritual and our bodies our supreme connection to it?

Is nature all there is? Is the whole universe nature and are we unable to sense it completely while it’s smeared with language?



3 thoughts on “smeared

  1. We cannot sense anything through expression by language. The degrees of Truth are know by existing within the degrees….the structure of dimensions we call spirituality. Spirituality is defined as effort; the conscious moment to moment engagement of the forms of influence that determine chaos or balance.

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