quick and dirty

If I (the identity) am created by the human animal, is it probable that I will end at its death? Should I be grateful to the universe and to earth my home and to life and thankful of my position of occupying the captain’s chair of this my ride?

How do I give back? Commune with the (my) being? Commune with the universe? How? Both at the same time?

The sages say to find a way to become silent for a little while every day.

There are no secrets about meditation? It’s good for us regardless of our motives. It’s easy? Pretty much. There’s lots of good and free advice and instruction on the web and there are some rip offs. You don’t have to pay to get good instruction.

The quick and dirty instructions: Sit down and shut up. (A joke of course.)

Better instructions: Sitting down in a comfortable chair with both feet flat on the floor and relaxing with slow deep breaths resting one’s hands in one’s lap and begin by repeating a mantra. “Om” is the classical mantra. One repeats the mantra when the vibration of the letter “m” finally dies down. The mantra can be pronounced out loud or pronounced only in the mind.

Most importantly, one’s meditation will be interrupted again and again by trains of thought. When this happens, know that this is normal, and treat it as an opportunity to get back to the mantra by dismissing it with a humorous comment like “Ah hah, there I go again.”

Once or twice a day is good. Once for about 30 minutes and if twice a day, meditate for about 20 minutes each time. Expect calmness, the lessening of stress, and a more positive outlook and you won’t be disappointed.

One last note: A regular practice is what you are after because a regular practice allows the calming effect to build over time and one becomes more mindful the longer one has had a regular practice.



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