It turns out everything is connected to every other thing but not me. I’m an added feature and tool not existing at birth. I’m extra, a come lately. Is the only logical and rational explanation I was created by my being to be its identity: a function which allows my creator to enter and participate in society or a tribe?

Am I not a thing but a habitual mass of interconnections in my brain which is able to reason and make choices? Am I an identity program written by nature (the extremely talented human animal) in response to reality?



3 thoughts on “identity

  1. The proposition that we are separate from any aspect of Creation is simply a perspective driven by the confinements of self-awareness. Each of us contributes to and is responsible for the composition of the connecting flow of energy that defines the potential force of the Human Species. Meaning, individually and collectively, the Human Species determines the levels of chaos or balance that influence all of Creation.

    • Hello Rob, thank you for your comments. We, the human animals, are not separate from creation. We are nature through and through which I think agrees with what you have written above. My point is that our identities are created separately after our birth, and it’s this part of us that thinks itself separate but still is not. I’m not able to comment on your last statement because I don’t understand how that works. I see the human species as one of many insignificant pearls of the universe which will one day pass away as most species are prone to do. Your site is awesome.

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