Is it that one’s skin color
doesn’t make the person who one is?
We all have the same blood, organs,
and brains except for
skin color and physical characteristics.
And the last two things are things of happenstance. 


We invented prejudice.
Has it held us apart long enough?
Are we capable of understanding this?

The UN has the wonderful language but how can we assist change? Maybe, by not allowing the ill-treatment of any class or group of humanity (by giving the UN enough funds so that it can do its job) and by making it socially unacceptable to speak prejudicial statements concerning another person or group’s condition (by speaking up and pointing out prejudicial statements as they happen).

Since the prejudices and wounds are deep,
some will take longer to change
but heal they will, with time and
the help of society
in general.

Usually, when there is a choice,
moving forward is the way.
Is it that “easy does it”
helps us avoid

Does “easy does it” allow us to work a full day without stopping if need be, all the while “eyeing the prize”? And maybe save us from working in a series of fits and wagons?



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