needs to be courted

Is there a present
Inside of me
I haven’t opened

As humans are we so
Unimaginably small and
Yet so complete

Is it that I take up no actual space
The brain’s memory is a history of my existence
And the history is getting shorter
As I get older

I sense I’m a well honed
Identity program
Created by my human animal

I’m guessing my body and its subconscious is my unopened present. The sages say the present can be opened but first the animal needs to be courted by somehow turning off the stream of thoughts I create out of habit and resting the mind with silence.

The traditional methods of courting are by noticing the feeling of the body’s breathing with periods of silence as the goal and by creating and noticing the comforting vibrations of a mantra repeated silently in the mind. Both or a combination of both will eventually bring periods of silence.

The being loves attention, and if I give it, I get back so much: a lot less knee-jerk and more calm and more friendly with an attitude of appreciation for the benefits and dangers of being human.


make my days

If the rich get so rich that it makes the rest of us become very poor, how long would it be until we would get a king or a queen? Could there be a world ruler in the future? Is there a race already with many dreaming and others actually jockeying for position?

The winning banner?

Benevolence is Our Family Name
vote for
Benevolent the First

Some might say no world rulers will happen because there are enough smart rich folks in the world who love the way things are that they would never allow such a change (because they are at the top of the heap…as far as comforts, amenities, and influence are concerned).

Is waking up to interesting days what it’s all about?
If so, having interesting days doesn’t require riches.

 What can I do to
make my days more interesting?
Get an education. Ask for advice.
Long-term thinking can
open doors we didn’t know existed.
These actions thrust us into opportunity’s way.

What can I do with my free time
along the way?

broken glass

One day I asked my son a question as he put on his socks and shoes “Why don’t you go ahead and put a shoe over the sock you’ve just put on?”

He said “I don’t know…I guess it’s because I haven’t ever thought about it much.”

I then asked “If you had a reason to wait to put a shoe on a socked foot, what would it be?

He paused for a while and said “I think it would be better to run around in an emergency having two socks on than having one foot protected and the other bare.” He paused and said “You never know how much broken glass you might have to go through during and emergency.”

Then I said “The broken glass would come right through your socks plus you could hop around on the protected foot having a shoe and…”

He interrupted me and said “Dad you’re impossible…think about this way, wouldn’t it be better to have a protected foot and the other foot with a sock or two feet with socks you can use to skate with instead of a bare foot trying to skate through broken glass, besides if I’m hopping around on one leg, I could easily loose my balance and crash my whole body onto the broken glass.”

End of story.


reality’s hand

What is the most important thing we are not aware of? How can we find out?

Notice the realness all around and imagine it’s willing to dance. Imagine putting one hand on reality’s waist or shoulder and the other holding reality’s hand.

Move as if leading or following and see how reality responds. Best is to keep the mind from automatically fiddling with language and this is not easy. Being present and aware for periods of time is child’s play and we are past that so we think.

Is it that silence is boring and we jump back into language automatically before the identity can start to relax? Constant language usage is the default setting in humans and forms a corral for what is possible for the thinker and serves as a time filler and a wonderful outlet for creativity.

What a great tool. It’s no wonder why we’re all hooked on words. What happens when there is no thinking? Sports has a term for it: flow. Flow is a period of no thinking and all action and things go very well.

Science is telling us meditation (the goal of which is to relax the mind enough to reach silence) is good for the brain and its juices (hormones).

Regular meditation is a type of dancing with reality and has been passed on to us by the ancients and their descendants. It’s a path out of the language corral. Is it that when reality shows up full strength, it’s a real shock because reality has been so muted for so long?

As a spiritual practice, to meditate is to court the universe, which is to court our creator: our own being, the animal we ride. Both sages and modern scientists say meditation weakens unhealthy stressors and fosters a more positive outlook.

These three things: learning how to deal with stress, growing a more positive outlook, and coming to the place where one is consciously courting the universe (your own animal) are arguably the three best things which can happen to a person. All three can happen with the practice of meditation.

To sum up: meditation (communing with one’s nature by relaxing language for a while every day) allows the body to do a better job of keeping a human healthy physically and mentally. Meditation also allows us to be spiritual. The sages say the benefits of meditation grow in strength when practice is daily.


we identities

As my body dies, will I evaporate as I loose my ability to think as my brain looses its ability to function? Is this the only non-magical explanation for the ending of our existence?

After death do our bodies merge with earth sooner or later? After death will we exist as a memory then a record and then no more? How will this happen? Usually records which are no longer useful are eventually lost or deleted. Or will records last for ever in a digital world?

Three thousand years from now, records of our present day found by a researcher might be very interesting and entertaining to the machines and hybrids and the surviving humans. The folks alive today might be forgotten or be heroes in the stories of the social revolutions of the ancient ones.

Will we identities always be natural additions created by our own animal? Are we able to merge with our creator, our ride, by becoming silent? If so, what’s in it for us? Can we uncover a sensation of being everything, the feeling of being completely plugged into the universe.

As we know, being alive on the earth is the real deal and we get to be part of it as human animals and as creations of the animals we ride. What does that make me? Am I a unit of self-consciousness organized by my brain as an individual pattern, a pattern of software sporting a name? Am I a walking talking pile of awareness? Is the universe a giant chunk of awareness fashioned by gravity?


Thomas Edison said “The chief function of the body is to carry the brain around.”


“Our brain…weighs three pounds and has one hundred thousand miles of blood vessels, contains more connections than there are stars in the Milky Way, is the fattest organ in  your body, [What other thing besides this powerful organ could have created each of us?] could it be suffering this very minute without your having a clue.”

— The above quote is from the newly published book by David Perlmutter, MD with Kristin Loberg titled Grain Brain, The Surprising Truth About Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar — Your Brain’s Silent Killers


shielded and trapped

Is it that each individual is responsible for his or her own adventure toward fulfillment and every path to it is different?

Do all of us already carry around within us the truest and most valuable of things to uncover and experience: the mystery: reality itself providing our bodies? Are we all shielded from the everything by our identities and the continual use of language?

Why  should we take for ourselves all of the time available? Is it rational to think that giving up a small bit of time for our being’s sake would cause us to somehow become subordinate or to disappear?

Should we think of religion or spirituality as always having a maximum membership of one? Is each individual’s body his or her own church and guru whether he or she knows it or not? Are we all, with rare exception, trapped in the same natural predicament no matter what we may think?


religious magic

Do we become believers in religious magic because our parents, family members, neighbors, friends and even presidents of our country believe in religious magic?

And I can see why. It was very comforting to me when I believed the promise that I was going to be happy forever and ever in heaven, no matter how bad things might get here on earth.

I was just graduating from babyhood when this form of magical stories became my constant companion, and I accepted them without questioning, and magical thinking became my normal type of thinking when it came to my religious status.

What might shake me out of this default mode?

When I was twenty-nine years old I began to have doubts. I imagined being born and raised in India in a family which practiced and believed in the Hindu teachings, and in my imagination as I grew older and worshipped along with them, I became a believer in the Hindu Gods and in the Hindu teachings as my imagined parents did as children.

I realized that my Hindu self would believe just as sincerely in the correctness of the Hindu beliefs as I was believing and trusting in the correctness of my Christian beliefs.

Then I began considering the thousands of religions on earth, all with their different beliefs and each claiming their beliefs to be correct and true while also claiming all other religious folks unfortunately are worshiping the wrong God or Gods and are proclaiming false teachings, and therefore, these folks will suffer forever and ever for their religious mistakes.

These thoughts were enough to get me thinking about the extreme odds against all of these magic-spewing religions being true. Then I thought about the extreme odds against my beliefs being the only religious beliefs on earth which were true. How could I be so lucky?

Then I came to see the almost surety of these many thousands of organized religions were the products of human beings, and I changed my mind about doubt being an enemy and found it to be a very useful tool.

Is there a moral to this story?

Is it that sincerity means everything when it comes to religion and doesn’t mean a thing when it comes to truth. Does truth just sit here, there and everywhere and doesn’t care whether it’s noticed or not?


my being

Is it that no one but I can take away my ability to journey inside to fellowship with my being or to draw succor from it in a time of need? Or just to visit it as a matter of regular practice?

Is it that my being is never alone or separated from its innate love and strength and wisdom? Is the mystery inside and outside of my every cell?

Is my body my golden horse which will melt in the fires of death? Am I no more than a special dream that will evaporate into nothingness when my miraculous steed perishes?


a unit of desire

Do I believe what I believe because I’m influenced by my experience? Is it that experience is my programmer and I can’t help but desire? Am I a unit of desire with a name and move over the face of the earth by using a human animal?

Thomas Edison said “the chief function of the body is to carry the brain around.”


a final belief

Is it that belief is the stepping stone to non-belief and then to belief again? But to what belief? What is the final belief? Is there a final belief? Is it in a neverland? Is it in the feeling of an infinity that makes silence automatic?

Does seeing that belief is only words cure belief? What is belief? Is it that belief is what keeps us occupied?