broken glass

One day I asked my son a question as he put on his socks and shoes “Why don’t you go ahead and put a shoe over the sock you’ve just put on?”

He said “I don’t know…I guess it’s because I haven’t ever thought about it much.”

I then asked “If you had a reason to wait to put a shoe on a socked foot, what would it be?

He paused for a while and said “I think it would be better to run around in an emergency having two socks on than having one foot protected and the other bare.” He paused and said “You never know how much broken glass you might have to go through during and emergency.”

Then I said “The broken glass would come right through your socks plus you could hop around on the protected foot having a shoe and…”

He interrupted me and said “Dad you’re impossible…think about this way, wouldn’t it be better to have a protected foot and the other foot with a sock or two feet with socks you can use to skate with instead of a bare foot trying to skate through broken glass, besides if I’m hopping around on one leg, I could easily loose my balance and crash my whole body onto the broken glass.”

End of story.



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