reality’s hand

What is the most important thing we are not aware of? How can we find out?

Notice the realness all around and imagine it’s willing to dance. Imagine putting one hand on reality’s waist or shoulder and the other holding reality’s hand.

Move as if leading or following and see how reality responds. Best is to keep the mind from automatically fiddling with language and this is not easy. Being present and aware for periods of time is child’s play and we are past that so we think.

Is it that silence is boring and we jump back into language automatically before the identity can start to relax? Constant language usage is the default setting in humans and forms a corral for what is possible for the thinker and serves as a time filler and a wonderful outlet for creativity.

What a great tool. It’s no wonder why we’re all hooked on words. What happens when there is no thinking? Sports has a term for it: flow. Flow is a period of no thinking and all action and things go very well.

Science is telling us meditation (the goal of which is to relax the mind enough to reach silence) is good for the brain and its juices (hormones).

Regular meditation is a type of dancing with reality and has been passed on to us by the ancients and their descendants. It’s a path out of the language corral. Is it that when reality shows up full strength, it’s a real shock because reality has been so muted for so long?

As a spiritual practice, to meditate is to court the universe, which is to court our creator: our own being, the animal we ride. Both sages and modern scientists say meditation weakens unhealthy stressors and fosters a more positive outlook.

These three things: learning how to deal with stress, growing a more positive outlook, and coming to the place where one is consciously courting the universe (your own animal) are arguably the three best things which can happen to a person. All three can happen with the practice of meditation.

To sum up: meditation (communing with one’s nature by relaxing language for a while every day) allows the body to do a better job of keeping a human healthy physically and mentally. Meditation also allows us to be spiritual. The sages say the benefits of meditation grow in strength when practice is daily.



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