make my days

If the rich get so rich that it makes the rest of us become very poor, how long would it be until we would get a king or a queen? Could there be a world ruler in the future? Is there a race already with many dreaming and others actually jockeying for position?

The winning banner?

Benevolence is Our Family Name
vote for
Benevolent the First

Some might say no world rulers will happen because there are enough smart rich folks in the world who love the way things are that they would never allow such a change (because they are at the top of the heap…as far as comforts, amenities, and influence are concerned).

Is waking up to interesting days what it’s all about?
If so, having interesting days doesn’t require riches.

 What can I do to
make my days more interesting?
Get an education. Ask for advice.
Long-term thinking can
open doors we didn’t know existed.
These actions thrust us into opportunity’s way.

What can I do with my free time
along the way?


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