What is the youngest
freshest thing in the universe?

Is ______ only
instant old?

Will time outlast everything?

We have “deep time” and so, what will happen to time eventually? Was there time before the Big Bang? Does time ever slow down? This kind of time is a useful tool.

Is real time called the present? The instant we know springs like a fountain, and the more we try to measure it, the tinier it gets. Is the present felt throughout the universe simultaneously and not observed because looking at the sky is history? While eating this delicious but harmful food, another is sound asleep in Europe. Is it that we sense in our own moment, the greatest freshness there is?


you decide

“The only person you are destined
to become
is the person you decide to be.” — Emerson

Is not deciding also a choice
an easy path to take? So…

Can we change what we are
changing what we do?

Or is it that we can’t change who we are
can change what we do?

Or does changing what we do,
change us
regardless of what we think?

For some reason we decide we are going to smile more because we found smiling makes us feel better. At the end of a year of sincere smiling, would life be very much different than it would have been had we not built the habit of smiling sincerely more often?

The only tuition is time and awareness. (These days many are call calling the ancient practice mindfulness and more power to them.)

Can being more aware
increase the possibility of our
waking up to another interesting day?


the best advice

What’s the best advice one can receive? Could it be to learn how to listen and then to start asking good questions? How can these two skills be learned?

Answer: By practice which requires patience (making it a habit of not being in a hurry, it takes planning) and awareness (paying attention) and hard work (hard work).

How can a person tell if a question is good or not?
Will we know a good one when one enters our ear or comes from our brain?



From the latest scientific investigations we are finding out what was thought to be “empty space” contains most of our universe’s energy and matter. So outer space is not a vacuum as we thought. Outer space contains matter and energy we can’t see, and both have attributes and qualities.

So, could the dark matter and dark energy be remnants from the Big Bang which never condensed into matter as we know it? The unknown allows us to wonder What’s included in the things which are real but we don’t know anything about yet?

This feeling of wonder keeps us asking What else might be outside of our box of beliefs? I really enjoy the feeling when I notice science keeps on making some of us uncomfortable and others of us more comfortable. For example the statement:

Science doesn’t make it impossible to believe in magic, but it makes it possible not to believe in it.

(This particular blog refers to information in Tim Holt’s book WHY DOES THE WORLD EXIST and paraphrases (in the above italic) Steven Weinberg’s assertions about the belief in the existence of an all-powerful and all-knowing entity.)

I suggest that if there were such a thing as an all-knowing and all-powerful entity, it would be very very bored. There would be no challenges for it, and it could view nothing new.


the richness

Is being optimistic good and should not
be based on unwarranted
or unsubstantiated

If not
looses it power
and science has proved it

Is it best to be a pessimist some of the time, specially when we get older? The folks who are positive and pay attention and then get more pessimistic in old age live the longest say the scientists.

My opinion is we shouldn’t expect much, then it will be hard to be disappointed and then we can or may be surprised by the richness of old age. Meditation aids mindfulness. Mindfulness brings a more vivid experience.