all the room

Does truth take up all the room there is?

Is there nothing which is not truth. Is understanding what truth is as simple as understanding when a person tells a lie, it’s true a lie was told?

Is it too bad we can’t be in on all the truth, or is it a blessing?

What is the surest way to satisfaction? Is it a combination of proper diet, plenty of exercise, and daily meditation? If so, is truth so pervasive it doesn’t even count?

Is truth the present moment as it changes? Is it that truth is natural and can’t be any other way? So, truth happens and fertilizer is a big part of it.



6 thoughts on “all the room

  1. Concerning your question, “Is there nothing which is not truth?” (reworded : Is it possible for falsehood to not exist?), I would like to highlight the point you made in the other post you made today. You said, “The problem is each religion has its own holy scriptures and a different version of what’s 100% true.” If falsehood doesn’t exist, then there wouldn’t be any problem.

  2. OK Spencer, let me give it a try. The point about “truth is reality”. Truth may not be one of our opinions of it. As you say there are falsehoods, lies, untruths and it”s true that they are lies. The dictionary says (as I remember it) that “truth always agrees with reality” whether it’s true or false.

  3. Is it like the idea that there is no such thing as coldness?
    Coldness is a word to describe the lack of heat or low amounts
    of heat, but there is not an actual manifestation of coldness that
    can be collected and measured. We can measure and collect heat
    and when people perceive a low amount of heat the word cold is used.

    So if we took your question
    “Is there nothing which is not truth?”
    and pushed it into the coldness/heat analogy, would your question look like this?
    Is there nothing for a thermometer to measure while in a room totally lacking heat?

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