life’s fountain

What’s seeking about? It’s finding a path and developing the courage to practice regularly without expecting anything and as much as possible to be ready for everything? We seek to find and express and experience our deepest self, the human animal, our connection to the universe.

What is it about death? Does a type of death hide the being away not long after birth and does the shadow of death occupy the time needed to set things in order? However, if I know how to seek, might I be able to get to the things that really matter before death? To be, to vibrate in harmony with the isness.

What is it about time? Is it that it’s always today? We know it’s always “now” but is it that we don’t feel the nowness? Is this why sports and entertainment are so appealing?

What is it about life? Is it that life’s fountain flows for a good while and can give enough space to set things in order? Is it that if I keep procrastinating, I might not be able to get to the things that matter?



2 thoughts on “life’s fountain

  1. Jeremy, thank you for your wonderful evaluation. I see from your posting you have quite a future ahead of you. Europe has taught the world many good lessons and teaches the individual too if he or she is willing to be a student.

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