you decide

“The only person you are destined
to become
is the person you decide to be.” — Emerson

Is not deciding also a choice
an easy path to take? So…

Can we change what we are
changing what we do?

Or is it that we can’t change who we are
can change what we do?

Or does changing what we do,
change us
regardless of what we think?

For some reason we decide we are going to smile more because we found smiling makes us feel better. At the end of a year of sincere smiling, would life be very much different than it would have been had we not built the habit of smiling sincerely more often?

The only tuition is time and awareness. (These days many are call calling the ancient practice mindfulness and more power to them.)

Can being more aware
increase the possibility of our
waking up to another interesting day?



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