death awareness

What about death? Is it a friend or foe? Or does death come with both?

Fear not death…because we will surely die. Fear will not change the fact. After thinking about death for a while (about always moving toward the inevitable), not fearing death begins to make sense. Starting each day knowing we are already dead in a way or in a sense can assist us in becoming better humans. It brings a new spice: a fresh way to look at things.

Death awareness can bring more confidence and more confidence gives more courage because death awareness will prompt us to think I may never get another chance to say… or do… or be…(whatever the situation calls for). Action comes more easily. Courage builds confidence and more confidence builds courage.

To paraphrase the bard … To seek more awareness or not to seek it is the question. Death awareness can assist us to speak up when there is a need for someone to speak up. And it might give us new priorities, new missions, and new challenges: adventures we might have easily put aside in the past.

When we take note of our death, it can give us ideas like, Now is always the time I can change directions. and Too much resting is not good for me; do I want to die already? and What’s on my bucket list?

Death awareness allows us to treat death with respect and not with fear, and it keeps reminding us of our freedom to choose and that time is limited.



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