the being’s experience

What gives life its value? Is it good times or just time? Does time do this for everything? Even rocks? Without time would everything quickly shrink to the tiniest of things or nothing? And when time showed up again, would the tiniest thing become another big bang? Is time more powerful than space? Or does space create time?

Can time run out at any moment? Has the big bang ripped off a fragment of time and takes it as part of the deal that when that portion of time runs out instead of the big bang continuing it’s expansion there’s the quickest of squeezes? Who knows?

Don’t dreams need a dreamer? When does the dreamer awaken? Is the game to go to sleep and then to awaken? Can a dreamer wake up into another dream?

When will my switch be turned off? And for the umpteenth time, does life flowing through the being allow me to be dreamed up or turned on and when life is turned off will I evaporate?

Is it that I’ve never taken up any space? Is it almost a sure thing that I’m not immortal and not being tracked by a creator who is recording all of my deeds both bad and good? Is it almost the surest of things that when my ride dies my continued existence will be an impossibility?

Is true religion or fulfillment or pure awareness the being’s experience of my absence while the being still lives?


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